Make true love happen, from the inside out.

True love is a beautiful relationship that begins with your relationship with you, and the energy and essence of love itself. In 6 video classes with love coach and TED speaker Francesca Hogi, you'll learn how to become a magnet for the love your heart desires.

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#1 Center Love


Learn to let love take center stage in all major areas of your life--this is how you align with the energy of love!

#2 The Meet Cute Mindset


Take back your power from dating apps and learn to meet matches organically!

#3 Ready, Set, Swoon


Finally learn the ins and outs of the most critical of dating skills--effective flirting!

#4 No Bad Dates


Learn the 5 part strategy that makes dating fun AND successful

#5 Ready, Able, Willing


Learn how to spot who and who isn't a match and how to show up ready for love.

#6 How to Manifest Love (or anything)


It's not all on your shoulders--let the universal forces of intention, serendipity, and LOVE make true love inevitable in your life!

Meet Francesca.

Hello! I'm a former lawyer turned certified matchmaker and expert love coach. For 11 + years I've been helping people transcend the road blocks and frustrations standing between them and lasting love.

Through my podcast, Dear Franny, writing, speaking, coaching, consulting, and my TED talk, I spread the empowering truth about true love--and your ability to have it, no matter your circumstances.

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you a love-filled day!



"If you're ready to get out of your own way and fall in love, work with Franny!"

- B (Atlanta, GA)

"I was skeptical that I could transcend all my love challenges like Franny says... But after years of struggling, I'm now in the best relationship of my life."

- Jill (Los Angeles, CA)

6 classes and worksheets to teach you a deeper level of love connection, dating skills, and self love!


What's the class format?

All classes are recordings of live video classes with Francesca. Each class comes with a downloadable worksheet to take notes and answer any prompts. You'll have access til the entire series through the end of 2025.

Who will benefit from this series?

Anyone who recognizes that their past/current approach to dating isn't working, and is ready to have authentic, lasting love.

What kinds of results can I expect?

You can expect: more confidence, more self love, more romantic connections, better dates, higher level dating skills, less time wasting, less negative self talk, less fear around finding love, more love in your life overall.

You might even meet your person faster than you thought possible!

How much does the series cost?

$300 $99 for all 6 classes